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“Are there legit work from home jobs college grads should pursue?” is no longer the question—now it’s more like “What sort of work from home jobs would I like to pursue?”



The more involved I become with work from home job opportunities, the more I recognize we are currently living in an entirely different reality full of fantastic, legit and flexible remote work options. Even CNN recently reported that work from home employees have increased by 41 percent.



Depending on your experience and strengths, working from home could net you anywhere from $12 an hour to almost $400,000 a year!



Whether you’re background (or degree) is in communications, writing, computer science, legal services, or education the number of real companies hiring virtual staff is expanding rapidly as the jobs below show.






Where I could not find reliable good-paying companies for the jobs below, I provided a relevant search on, the largest and most effective job ads provider I’ve found.




*Notice: The inclusion of companies and their descriptions in this report does not equate to endorsement. Job seekers are encouraged to investigate and do their due diligence concerning any firm before applying. For extra information on recognizing the common signs of a work from home scam, see this FBI report. Affiliate links also included.




That said, there are a lot of hidden and surprising virtual jobs out there…and the first one doesn’t even involve work…





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1 Independent Recruiter: Surprise! You don’t have to work to get paid. You can leverage your personal network as an Independent Recruiter and get paid up to $5,000 when your friends get hired.



2 Authority Freelance Writer: has been a stable spot on the internet for years and is always seeking writers who are an authority on any topic they have available.




3 Freelance Transcriber: is Service Company that hires transcriber and translators and has been featured in publications from the Wall Street Journal all the way to The Next Web.



4 Data Entry Contractor: Axion Data Services is a trusted data service company that seems to obtain quality hires via word-of-mouth, since they don’t do advertisements for data entry contractors.



5 Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker: Do “Human Intelligence Tasks” for a service run by top retailer Amazon



6 Freelance Captioner: Also at, freelance captioners provide caption for videos for those with hearing difficulties.


7 Digital Dictation Worker and More: Capital Typing is a trusted company that has worked with institutions such as Harvard University and Texas A&M. They have various telecommute positions available.



8 Medical Coder: Aviacode is a company hiring coders to do work from home.



9 Freelance Translator: Also at, you can help individuals and corporate clients translate documents into another language as a freelance translator

legit work from home jobs customer service

10 Customer Service and Support: Sykes hires work from home customer service and technical support agents nationwide





11 Work From Home Sales Person: Various companies are seeking enthusiastic and skilled sales personnel to help their products reach consumers.



12 Remote Medical Personnel: Optum/United Health is one of the most active employers in the current telecommute/work from home jobs booms hiring everything from remote consultants to agents of all kinds.



13 Online Education Faculty: Use your education and field of expertise to help fuel student success for a variety of reputable educational institutions online.



14 American Express Lifestyle Specialist: Similar to the AMEX Travel Counselor positions available in select locations, the Lifestyle Specialist provides stellar customer service for affluent card users.



15 Debt Collector: AG Adjustments, an industry leader in debt collections, often hires work from home debt collectors who are able to present themselves assertively.



16 Digital Marketing Specialist: Skilled at social media, PPC and Google Analytics? Then there are several companies looking to hire you immediately in this burgeoning field.



17 Virtual Assistant: Help busy entrepreneurs and corporate professionals with a range of tasks as a virtual assistant.



18 Remote Web Engineer: Chances are that you already know about work communication tools like Slack. The team at 10up uses this and more to manage remote work that matters.



19 Customer Connect Team Member: Kelly Services is always looking for outgoing and friendly customer service reps looking to work from home.
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20 Freelance Commercial Cartoonist: Who doesn’t love a well-drawn cartoon? Real companies would love to hire you to exercise that skill.




21 Virtual Business Analyst: Analyze and review business data and forecast outcomes for both large and small businesses alike.



22 Remote .NET Developer: Help develop innovative software solutions from the comfort of your home.



23 Outside Sales Account Executive: Build customer relationships while advising potential clients on tech solutions and strategy.



24 Remote Call Center Agent: Become a remote call center agent with ACD Direct.



25 Telephone Research Interviewer: Conduct market research surveys with an industry leader.



26 Medical Transcriber: Transcribe vital information dictated by physicians and other medical professionals.



27 Day Trader: Get trained, follow market trends and start trading an initial $25,000 in capital with Maverick Trading.



28 Tech Telemarketer: Sell tech solutions from home.



29 Direct Seller: Interested in being your own boss but aren’t interested in creating your own business plans or products? Direct Selling may be for you. Search the Direct Selling Association’s Member Directory for companies that match your requirements and interests.


legit work from home jobs type photo

30 Freelance Specialist Editors: Join a global team of Ph.D. level experts in a variety of fields.



31 Content Writer: Handle a variety of tasks from writing a few paragraphs to producing pitches for companies.



32 Web Journalist: Cover the latest news stories and trending happenings with literary attention to detail.



33 Independent Grant Writer: As an independent grant writer, you’ll be helping non-profits and other worthy organizations receive necessary funding to continue their good works.



34 Amazon Work From Home Customer Support: Help serve the clients of the leading online retailer.



35 Virtual Librarian: Use a variety of tools to help people find the information that matters most to them.



36 Mini Call Center Owner: Arise provides technology and telephony infrastructure to people interested in starting their own call centers from home.



37 Premium Auditor: Working from home within your assigned territory, having access to a company car and receiving management support are some of the benefits you get working this job for Zurich Insurance.




38 Digital SEO: Help companies of all sizes get found on the internet much faster and easier through the use web optimization tools and strategies.



39 Remote Coordinator: Major media group seeks individuals to set-up and break down radio-related events and act as a liaison between stations, listeners and media staff.
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40 Claims Adjuster: If you have about 5 years of experience working in insurance, the Jacobson Group would be interested in hiring you to handle claims in your area.



41 Estimate Reviewer: Crawford and Company are seeking individuals nationwide to perform quality assurance reviews of network contractor estimates.



42 UI/UX Web Designer: Design new products and technological solutions for innovating companies.



43 Virtual CPA: Engage in tax preparation, do phone consultations and complete policy-related activities for business clients.



44 Administrative Assistant: Blue Zebra seeks strong and enthusiastic work from home administrators to support their sales and marketing teams.



45 Accounting Pro: Book Minders hires experienced accountants with their own personal offices to work from home



46 Lead Generator: Brighten Communications is seeking skilled telemarketing sales professionals to obtain business leads for different clients.



47 Medical Project Manager: The “owner” of installation projects for Stryker’s Communications Business and Healthcare Technology Initiatives.




48 Imaging and Robotics Consultant: Become Stryker’s resident expert in robotic technology and provide technical and clinical support to internal and external customers.



49 Customer Service Agent: The S&E Group is looking to hire for open work from home customer service positions.


type photo

50 Remote Case Manager: Coordinate medical care for workers’ comp patients and others; attend physician’s meetings and conferences when necessary.



51 Professional Phone Counselor: Professional therapists and counselors can give conduct therapy sessions via phone, email or webcam with Theravive.



52 Home-Based Travel Agent: Gifted Travel Network both trains and supports people seeking to run their own travel agencies from home.



53 A+ Legal Transcriber: Cambridge Transcriptions is seeking individuals experienced in transcribing depositions, administrative hearings and arbitrations.



54 Student Advisor: Work with administration representatives to maintain communication with prospective students throughout the enrollment process.



55 Freelance Application Essay Writer: As a freelance EssayEdge editor, you will provide comprehensive proofreading services, assist customers in brainstorming and help applicants produce killer essays.


56 Production Control Manager: Xerox is seeking production control support for key clients’ tools and infrastructures.





57 Information Specialist: Also at Click N Work, the Information Specialist is an individual who completes research requests using top databases.



58: BlogHer Publisher: If you’re already an established blogger serving a predominantly female audience, you can monetize your blog through the BlogHer Network.



59 Business Consultant: Cloud Source provides team members a dedicated work from home experience that includes receiving the same benefits as regular full time employees.
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60 Remote Underwriter: Underwrite loan product offerings that make a significant financial impact upon the businesses you work with.



61 Executive Function Coach: Work with struggling students and help them improve their performance with academic coaching skills.



62 Online Academic Tutor: Join Chegg as an Academic Tutor and earn up to $1,000 a month as a top tutor.



63 Virtual Paralegal: Help law firms and other clients handle their pressing legal tasks.



64 Associate Attorney: If you have the legal chops, there are ABA member firms looking to hire on attorneys willing to work virtually.



65 City Insider: VIVA Lifestyle Brand is seeking natives of several cities to write on the latest and greatest in their area.


66 Home Agent: Convergys Home Agents enjoy compensation that includes a 401K plan and college tuition reimbursement.



67 Outreach Specialist: Get the chance to speak with people across the nation without having to sell anything as an Outreach Specialist for Next Wave.



68 Solutions Agent: Sitel is hiring associates to work from home-based offices in order to handle billing issues, product inquiries and other related matters.



69 Resort Territory Sales Manager: If you’re a candidate who has extensive contacts and with decision makers who enjoy high end, luxury destination resorts, then consider being a Territory Sales Manager at Wyndham.




call center photo

70 Experienced Transcribers: Already have your own headset, foot pedal and transcription software ready? Then Cyber Dictate has opportunity for you as an independent transcriber.



71 Video Script Writer: If you have experience creating engaging, entertaining and captivating scripts for clients, there are open positions available.



72 IT Support: Companies are currently seeking friendly and helpful associates with a smile in their voice.



73 Delivery Assurance Worker: Provide on-site and real-time delivery assurance for clients.



74 Tech Project Manager: Manage, coordinate and monitor technology projects from initiation through delivery as a Tech Project Manager.



75 Member Network Lawyer: While not technically an employer per-se, many lawyers have joined the network at that boasts over 8 million visits each month and receive clients from the service.



76 Creative Content Writer: Ethos Content is seeking writers to produce a series of informational products such as white papers and blog posts.



77 Customer Care Professional: Join XACT Telesolutions’ fast-paced team of dynamic pros as a Customer Care Professional.



78 Nurse Care Manager: As a Nurse Care Manager you’ll be responsible for the effective, efficient & proactive completion of all utilization management activities that facilitate movement through the continuum of care.




79 In-Home Senior Companion: Help seniors at home by providing housekeeping, meal preparation, laundry, errands, grocery shopping, transportation, companionship and socialization, as well as other in-home support.
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80 Home Health Aide: Help seniors with activities of daily living, exercise and other tasks defined in the home health aide plan of care.



81 Automotive Call Center Employee: Receive and handle calls for automotive industry clients from your home office.



82 Nurse Consultant: Practice computer-assisted expert nursing through inbound and outbound telephone calls with patients.



83 Data Scientist: Improve IT health outcomes for the largest business and enterprise customers as a Data Scientist at Microsoft.



84 Spanish Language Transcriber: As a Spanish Language Transcriber for Focus Forward, you stand to earn a competitive rate for your skills. English Transcribers also needed.


85 Health Services Director: Be responsible for designing, implementing, directing and evaluating dynamic healthcare programs.



86 Independent Customer Agent: Direct Interactions is looking to hire reliable and hardworking Independent Customer Agents.



87 On-Call Driver: Make money and set your own schedule as a driver with app-based driving service Uber.



88 Skilled Proofreader: Edit documents for pay from home.



89 Technical Recruiting Agent: EEG Recruiting boasts that one of their agents can pocket up to $350,000 per year in compensation.


laptop photo

90 Instructional Writer: Know lots about many different topics? Consider being a freelance Instructional Writer for eHow.



91 Financial Solutions Agent: Get paid to offer clients personalized credit solutions to benefit their credit needs as an eFolks Financial Solutions Agent.



92 Inbound Vacation Planner: Educate owners on the details of their vacation products so they can maximize the value of ownership.



93 Trend Spotter and Shopper: Help retailers find out what’s working, what’s trending and what’s not as a Click N Work Trend Spotter.



94 Experience Audio Typists: Expedict is seeking Experienced Audio Typists.



95 Sr. Qualified Appointment Setting Veteran:  Create revenue growth opportunities for B2B clients through qualified introductions and meetings for their sales team.



96 SEO Specialist: At Fast Beat Media, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a competitive benefits package as a telecommute SEO Specialist.



97 Field Engineer: Provide incident support and advocate for customer needs by escalating potential product defects to escalation engineers or product groups.




98 Online English Tutor: Join and help students all over the world master English.





99 Customer Care Coordinator: As a Hilton Customer Care Coordinator you’ll get the chance to handle customer concerns virtually in order to maximize customer satisfaction.
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100 Mystery Shopper: Secret Shopper is a BBB Accredited business that has hired mystery shoppers since 1990.





101 Tech Associate: Use TeleTech’s proprietary technology to support and assist customers with a variety of customer service and technical needs.




102 Membership Enrollment Specialist: Weight Not is a rapidly growing health company seeking energetic and professional people to add to their team.



103 Communicator: Work with reputable companies to help them accomplish outreach goals.




104 Ads Quality Rater: Help businesses improve the advertisements they serve up to potential online customers.




105 Health Payment Personnel: Complete a variety tasks working for Xerox, including evaluating and implementing methods to improve payment methods for health processes.

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